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We cooperate with the majority of renowned manufacturers of machinery and equipment. We offer cooling systems for industrial and agricultural motors with Stage/Tier 3 and Stage/Tier 4 exhaust emissions. In addition, we provide solutions for extra large units which operate as powerpacks for mobile power supply units in the army, for shunting locomotives, for big container generators and for stage generators as well as CHP generation sets.

When selecting a specific cooler, we take into account operating characteristics and environmental conditions. We select the optimum type of radiator fins to achieve the right heat transfer and resistance to dirt. We offer solutions which reduce fuel consumption and ensure quietest possible operations by usage of the best possible fans. The heat exchangers are protected by immersion in a cataphoresis bath and powder coating.

Top quality

Our products are tested by special purpose units, vehicles of technical rescue services and fire service as well as the army. We meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, AQAP 2110:2016 and the environment ISO 14001:2015 certification standards.

We hold the NCAGE 2749H code (National and Government Entity Code).

To facilitate continuous delivery, we take upon ourselves the planning as well as production of units, and if required maintain stock in our warehouses.

Top quality